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What are primary sources?

The term "primary source" refers to source material--a document, artifact, recording, or other source of information--that was created during the time period you are studying.

Primary sources provide a first-hand account or direct evidence about your topic. There are many types of primary sources: autobiographies; newspaper and magazine content; government documents; maps; artifacts such as war memorabilia and archeological objects; visual objects such as paintings, drawings and photographs; sheet music; and sound recordings. 

Primary sources exist in a variety of formats: their original format (often not available for use); digital format, published format, or microfilm/microfiche.  

 How to Find Primary Sources in Multi-Search Video

Getting Started

Welcome to the History subject guide. This guide will assist you with locating articles, books and more. The materials in this guide covers reference materials in book and electronic form, articles in electronic databases, and websites.

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