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Welcome to Samford University Library. We hope this tour will help you to learn more about our library.

The Samford University Library exists to support the curriculum of the university by acquiring, organizing, and preserving a broad, well-balanced spectrum of information and by providing access to that information through personal and technological services, to the fullest extent of our abilities and resources.

What began as a small collection of books in 1842 has grown into today's first rate Samford University Library. The library contains an impressive collection of periodicals, theology books, liberal arts books, music books, and scores, and pharmacy books, just to mention a few. In addition, the library contains a government documents collection, an extensive reference area, and a special collection, as well as providing patrons with access to on-line and Internet resources through the latest technology.

But, there is too much here at the Samford University Library to cover in a single introduction, so come along on a virtual tour of the library and learn more about what resources are available to you.

Let's get started!