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Request a Library Instruction Session

Complete the Library Instruction Request Form.
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  • We prefer two weeks’ notice so we can provide you and your students the highest level of service.
  • We do not offer instruction the first week of class each semester.
  • Contact Lauren M. Young if you need further assistance

Our Mission

Samford Library's Instruction Program seeks to use each teachable moment to help the institution produce information literate students. Information Literacy is the ability to:
"recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information." ALA

Service Options - À la carte

What services can librarians offer?  
You can choose from ANY of these options or a combination: 

  • Flip the Classroom- Students Watch Video Overview and Librarians Provide One-On-One Help with Student Topics
  • Introduction to Samford Library Resources (one hour basic overview - no hands-on
  • Brief Review and Hands-on with Librarians & Student Topic
  • Online Overview via Web Conferencing (Great for online students)
  • Return Visit – Just Hands-on with Librarians & Student Topics
  • Scavenger Hunt - Student, Self-Paced During Library Hours
  • Library Building Tour
  • Archives/Special Collection Instruction
  • Breaking down A Topic
  • Narrowing a Topic, Picking Keywords
  • Evaluating Resources
  • Scholarly Sources
  • Primary Sources
  • Government Sources
  • Create a Research Guide, Tutorial or Video for Your Class
  • Help Students with Multimedia Projects (that require research)